A Christmas Day Concert

I found this video while scrolling through my phone the other day. It is an impromptu concert by my daughter Angela and my niece Ann. Angela studies Piano Performance and Ann studies Violin Performance both at the collegiate level.

After we finished opening presents at my parents’ home, my mother asked the girls to play. I’m sure Angela would complain that the piano is terribly out of tune. Ann would note that she is wearing her pajamas, hardly concert attire. But I love this video. It was taken before we were concerned about viruses. Or ventilators. Or social distancing.

In fact, Christmas at my parents’ home is the exact opposite of social distancing. At Christmas Eve we crammed 29 of us around a makeshift dining room table. We held hands and blessed the food. A rollicking evening commenced. I won the greatest white elephant gift – a tennis ball launcher that can shatter glass.

Those days seem far away now. But this video reminds me of that time. And gives me hope that all of us will be with our families again soon.

7 thoughts on “A Christmas Day Concert

  1. Really beautiful! Such talented girls! I think your blog is like another song from SOM: “ When the dog barks, when the bee stings, I simply remember my favorite things, then I don’t feel so bad!!

    Hope this is over by next Christmas. I can’t imagine 29 people sitting 6 feet apart in your parents’ living room eating dinner!


  2. […] would come to hear her play. I’ve attended many concerts over the years but my favorites are the impromptu performances she gives during family holidays. She often plays in her pajamas and I’m sitting close enough to watch her intricate […]


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