E-Learning Goals

My son Michael is growing a mustache. Slowly.

This picture reveals his week 1 progress.

His high school conducts monthly haircut inspections. During his Army JROTC drill season, he gets a weekly haircut (high and tight) on Thursday nights. He can’t eat lunch in the dining hall until he passes a daily facial hair inspection. It hasn’t been a problem.

He told me that he is getting bored after three weeks of e-learning at home. Hence his new life goal. I think this is fairly safe way for an almost-17 year old to cut loose.

I reminded him that a disposable razor and a dollop of shaving cream from the front office will put him back 25 cents. But his return to school is still weeks away, so I told him to go for it. Go big.

After all, I committed to financing the operation.

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