An Open Letter

Dear Small Humans,

There is no reason for our microwave to look like this.

Do you see the plastic cover sitting in the middle of the turn table now? Ah, yes! There it is! I appreciate the Herculean effort it takes to lift the cover UP and put your plate of food UNDERNEATH it. But please try.

Now, I rather enjoyed cleaning this appliance today. Oh, just how did I do it? So glad you asked! For future reference, fill a Pyrex measuring cup with water and a quartered, squeezed lemon. Maybe two.

Place this into the microwave. The one with your exploded pizza sauce and salsa shrapnel.

Turn the microwave on for 3-4 minutes. Wait a few minutes to let the steam build up. Take the rotating glass out and wash it in the sink. Wipe down the interior walls, base, and ceiling. Put the rotating glass back in and it should now look like this.

But, trust me, it is easier to use the darn cover. This is part of your training regimen here at home. Your father and I are domesticating you, members of the barbarian horde. So, get with the program, and please don’t make me read you the Riot Act on Microwave Etiquette. I’ve misplaced it.


Your Mother

11 thoughts on “An Open Letter

  1. Hi Kathleen, I followed the link shared on Facebook and let me just say, this hits home! I think we have the same microwave, I recognize the interior from many similar cleanings! Love your writing. Have a blessed Easter.


    • Thanks, Jill. That makes me feel so good! It has helped me fill in the time when I’m not teaching. But it’s a poor substitute. I miss our classes!


  2. Love your microwave cleaning post! After I finished laughing myself silly, because “been there, done that”, I took notes on how to clean it next time. Happy Easter!


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