Eye of the Tiger

This is a picture of my daughter Veronica. Teething.

As a baby she would crawl underneath our kitchen table, latch on to the wrought iron chair legs, and begin gumming the metal. I would drag her out by the legs and move her to the other room. She kept coming back.

No matter what I did, she would army crawl back and we would repeat the process. Again. And again. And again. I finally gave up and just took a picture. But this process lasted for weeks.

We call her Rocky, a nickname she gave herself. As a toddler, she would sit in a little rocking chair, and rock back and forth saying, “Rocky, baby! Rocky, baby!”. The name stuck. But looking at this picture, I think the nomenclature goes back a bit further. Not quite the Italian Stallion, but that teething picture looks like something out of a Rocky training montage. Queue the theme song.

Today is Rocky’s 13th birthday. She was born at a whopping 10 pounds. No ounces. Just a perfect 10.

If I had to travel to a foreign country where I didn’t know the language, I would take Rocky with me in a heartbeat. She is full of adventure and curiosity. She has the voice of an angel (though I hope we pass through this Phantom of the Opera phase soon). When not reading voraciously, she performs countless acts of service around our home.

Happy Birthday, Rocky baby!

17 thoughts on “Eye of the Tiger

  1. Good Luck on hearing the end of Phantom of the Opera. We could not stop our girls from singing Phantom of the Opera in public spaces in the house for more than 4 years!


    You are one of my favorite people! And I just realized another reason why — you and my John “The Favorite” (according to Jesus 🙂 share the same birthday (19 for him)! What a beautiful connection especially during the Octave of Easter.
    May Veronica and John be Blessed today and always!


  3. Was this picture of her as a baby sanctioned by Rocky? If not you better look out she’s got a nasty right hook.


  4. […] After the move, Sam drove home. Veronica’s Confirmation was the next morning. As I held Becky on Friday night, my thoughts turned to the other kids. I took a moment to inventory my people: Sam was driving home from South Bend. Greta, Angela, and Michael were tucked into their dorm rooms. Mary Frances and Rudy were staying with friends. Mom Rauch was driving Johnny back from Camp Sanity. Becky and I were in the hospital. That left Josephine and Veronica. […]


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