My dear friend Elizabeth has more artistic style and talent in her fingertip then I have in my entire body. She is a seamstress and an artist. Her home is a visual delight. I always feel like I am in a European museum but one where you can touch everything. Her use of color, texture, and art is breathtaking.

I used to drop several of my children to play with her kids while I would make a weekly shopping trek to Aldis. There was almost always a lovely espresso and some delectable snack waiting for me upon my return. I have such fond memories of afternoons with Elizabeth and her family.

On her dining room table, during the Easter season, she displays her collection of pisanki, or painted wooden eggs. She has collected these over the years. A Polish grocery store in town would receive a shipment from the mother country every spring.

Always on the look out for new holiday traditions, we adopted this practice and began giving the kids a wooden egg in their baskets on Easter morning. We also add to a family collection. I mark their initials and the year somewhere on the egg. Luckily, we have an international supermarket nearby that receives an annual shipment of these eggs.

Even in the midst of this chaos, it is comforting to continue this tradition. And remember a very special friend.

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