Cours de francais

Greta was downstairs studying during one of Michael’s Zoom classes last week. It was French class. She filed the following field report.

*In Michael’s defense, he was not required to participate in this particular session. But, apparently, he was still required to attend. I’m not sure why.

Here’s Michael’s portion of the conversation. I’m sure you can fill in the teacher’s questions.

Madame: ………………….

Michael: “Yes, Madame, I am wearing a shirt.”

Madame: ………………….

Michael: “Yes, Madame, I am still wearing my pajamas.”

Michael then turned the iPad camera around so his classmates could take a tour of our pantry. He was on the prowl for a snack. This continued as Michael foraged in the refrigerator. He then broke into a dance with Johnny. Probably not the participation points Madame had in mind.

Dieu vous bénisse, Madame!

*I can not speak French. Other than the words “crepe”, “croissant”, and “bordeaux”. But my husband is fluent in the langauage. As is Google translate.

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