Auto Policy

So this is a boring post. Because auto insurance is boring but very necessary.

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Our auto insurance renews in May. We no longer receive a print copy of the 100+ page document that we have never read from cover to cover (but probably should). Every April, our insurance company sends us a renewal notice and a link to the electronic copy.

Here’s the kicker. And it’s a reminder at the bottom of the email:

Your automobile identification cards should be printed from our website.

That is a rather important detail. Our company will mail the cards, but you have to go to the website to make the request. And when you forget to put the new cards in the car, unfortunate things tend to happen.

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Like your teenage daughter being pulled over for driving 50 mph. In a 35 mph speed zone. And she can’t produce a valid insurance card. That may have actually happened.

Sure, you can show the officer proof of insurance on a smartphone but said teenage daughter didn’t have the login credentials. Or a smartphone. And was a little nervous about calling home.

Trust me it’s just easier to print the new cards when you receive the email. Like immediately. And then physically walk out to the car and put them in the handy envelope in the glove box. Like immediately.

But you have to remember to do it. And I’m here to remind you.

6 thoughts on “Auto Policy

  1. Flashback. Got the call from teenage daughter in Police Station at 11:30 PM. I went back to sleep. Had 6 AM flight to LAX. My wife went to Police Station with the card daughter was told several times to put in the car. Daughter never forgot again.


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