An Open Letter 3

Dear Small Humans,

Whichever child left this on the bathroom floor, please hear me.

I appreciate your efforts and note your progress. You are in the proper hemisphere! But there’s a saying that close only counts in hand grenades and horseshoes. The same applies to the above situation.

To clarify, items in need of disposal belong IN the trash receptacle. Do you see the grey pedal at the base of the waste basket? Handy little thing! You depress the pedal with your foot, and the top will magically elevate. Drop the article in, release the foot pedal, and the top will lower.

Another option is to walk the cardboard item downstairs, placing it in the green recycling basket on the kitchen counter. But that is an advanced maneuver and perhaps beyond your present skill set.

Be encouraged, little ones. You are getting there. Time to push over the finish line!


Your Mother

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