A Menagerie

I haven’t posted as much recently. This week has been a bit like Mary Frances’ art class mosaic. All the pieces are there and, from a distance, you can see the whole picture. But I feel fractured. And scattered.

I am still fighting pregnancy nausea which is frustrating. I am 17 weeks pregnant today and expected an abatement in some of these early pregnancy symptoms. But fatigue and nausea seem to be my new constant companions. They don’t make for good company.

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2 + 2 = 4

I enjoyed my Mother’s Day immensely. Truth be told, I wasn’t feeling well for most of it. So I stayed in bed and enjoyed long phone conversations with my mom, my mother-in-law, and dear friend Judy as well as texts with family and friends. At several times, different kids piled into bed with me and we talked and laughed and rested. It was low key and wonderful.

The day ended with Mexican food and one of my favorite movies “Fantasia 2000”. There were even a few gifts.

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My Mom

My mom is one tough cookie.

She survived childhood polio and a car accident that left her with a crushed skull. Both of which prepared her well to raise 5 children, including identical twin boys (unexpected until she delivered the first one; it’s a great story for another post). She even has all of her wisdom teeth.

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