My Mom

My mom is one tough cookie.

She survived childhood polio and a car accident that left her with a crushed skull. Both of which prepared her well to raise 5 children, including identical twin boys (unexpected until she delivered the first one; it’s a great story for another post). She even has all of her wisdom teeth.

She was raised in Atlanta, Georgia, with her three brothers (including identical twin boys, see a pattern) and my Mommo and Gramps. She learned to spell a r-e-a-l-l-y long first name and an even longer German last name. She used to beg her teachers to let her bring in papers with her name pre-written.

Here’s a picture from her wedding day on August 29, 1964.

Almost 56 years later, she has 5 children

and 17 (+1 pending) grandchildren.

Her sense of style has evolved.

But her hair still looks like a big brown football helmet.

Her ability to talk on the phone is legendary.

But she still has no idea how to work a television.

Mom has come to take care of me when all seven of my children were born (and she will have a plane ticket ready for October) She loves to clean my refrigerator and knows how to cook for an army. Her freezer always has a chicken tetrazzini stashed away for a family dinner. And a few Girl Scout Thin Mints (which is beyond my ability to control).

Happy Mother’s Day to my dear, dear mother!

I have forgiven you for this haircut. But not for the Little Orphan Annie perm.

12 thoughts on “My Mom

  1. Kathleen, what a wonderful tribute to mom! Thanks so much. I really enjoyed all of your refillable glasses! Love, dad

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  2. Your father took the words right out of my month…”what a wonderful tribute to (your) Mom!” I really enjoyed all the family photos. Her wedding photo with her mother sent chills down my spine. I have
    a 1966 photo that looks very similar.
    Happy Mother’s Day to you; you’re a wonderful example to us all.


  3. What a wonderful tribute to you mom……I ALWAYS love your stories, and coupled with your wit, they are the best. PS…..I had an orphan Annie perm too……


  4. […] Mom and I moved into the Ronald McDonald House (RMH) three weeks ago. Sam stayed with me during Becky’s emergency delivery and cared for me for the next three days in the hospital. Then he and my Dad went to Michael’s Sabre Ceremony. I bid Dad farewell from my hospital room. This was the closest I came to seeing him. […]


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