A One-Act Drama

An update from the grocery store front lines. And this has nothing to do with the hoarding of toilet paper or customers refusing to wear masks. Pardon me, facial coverings.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Angela is beginning to encounter situations that were not covered during employee training.

Act One

Scene 1

Local Grocery Store. Sunday. Evening.

ALICE, a middle-aged cashier, stands behind her COVID-19 plexiglass shield with face mask on. CREEPY GUY, a much older gentleman, stands too close to cashier, calling attention to himself. He also wears a facial covering.

Alice: Can I help you, sir?

Creepy Guy: No, I’m still looking.

Alice: Well, I can help you when you are ready. You just had a look about you.

Creepy Guy: I had that look because I was checking you out.

ALICE freezes. Her mouth drops open but facial covering obscures her horror. CREEPY GUY now purchases an assortment of random items. ALICE’S left hand rests on the counter next to the cashier’s station. CREEPY GUY notices the absence of a wedding ring. He chuckles.

Creepy Guy: Well, that’s what I like to see.

Alice: Yeah. My husband passed away of cancer six years ago.

Creepy Guy: I am sorry.

Short pause. CREEPY GUY pushes a small piece of paper towards ALICE.

Creepy Guy: I am just going to leave my number here and we can go to lunch together sometime.

Alice: I don’t think my boyfriend would like that very much.

Creepy Guy: Well, I wasn’t going to tell my wife but if you are going to tell your boyfriend, I guess we can’t.

CREEPY GUY grabs his plastic bag and exits store. ALICE stares at new cashier ANGELA and motions her over. The lights dim down. Blackout.

I wish this were an act of fiction. But the above scene played out last night. We are working with Angela on some comebacks in case she finds herself in a similar situation. Please feel free to add your suggestions in the comments.

5 thoughts on “A One-Act Drama

  1. My friend wears a simple band on her left hand and that works most of the time. Otherwise, how about “I’m taken but my grandmother is single….”


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