Neon Jesus

I cannot believe I am writing another post about my teenage drivers. If you missed the first one, please consider catching up on our plight.

Today’s story features Angela, my brilliant sophomore in college. She is majoring in Computer Engineering and Music Theory at the University of Notre Dame. She plays piano and pipe organ, has a wealth of knowledge about horses, and is insanely good at math. I thought I should say some nice things about her. Because I dearly love her. And I think the world of her. But I firmly believe that she should never be without Roadside Assistance.

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Oh, Bother

“Once upon a time, a very long time ago now, about last week, Kathleen was in a series of doctors’ offices all by herself under the name of Rauch.”

Wasn’t that a great opening to this blog post? But don’t think me clever. I re-adapted the line, after brazenly stealing it, from A.A. Milne’s brilliant book Winnie the Pooh. But I like the sound of it.

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A Second Chance

One of my favorite songs to run to is “Clubbed to Death”. I know, lovely title.

It’s from the movie The Matrix, which I’ve never seen because I doubt I would understand it. This song is 7 minutes and 27 seconds long. And that inspires me to run hard because it is about the same length of time that my brother-in-law was dead.

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