Johnny, M.D.

I don’t know where you are living, but where I am, it has been hot. And humid. And miserable.

Thankfully, it has cooled down the last couple of days. Of course, at 32 weeks pregnant, the only place I am comfortable right now is in the freezer section of a grocery store.

When I was growing up in Texas, the meteorologists on television would keep track of the number of days above 100 degrees. Here in the Midwest, they keep track of the number of days above 90 degrees. This still strikes me as a bit comical. Then again, I now laugh at how seriously Texans take winter weather. I once had school cancelled just because there was a threat of snow.

Regardless, I think you acclimate to whatever climate you live in. So, after over 20+ Midwest winters, I’m now more accustomed to extreme cold than extreme heat. When it gets hot like this, I begin to long for winter. And a box of popsicles. Just so I can open the freezer door at the super market and enjoy a rush of frigid air.

This past winter, Johnny began skiing lessons in the hopes of joining his older siblings one day. All of my kids are avid skiers and look forward to long weekends with Sam skiing and snowboarding. I don’t miss them.

I don’t envision myself joining them on the slopes one day. I’m more of a ski lodge gal. A roaring fire. A good book. A hot cup of tea or a nice red. Pure heaven.

As Johnny’s skiing career began, Josephine’s took a detour as she tore her ACL after landing a ski jump. Johnny heard lots and lots of talk about ACL reconstruction and rehab. But we don’t always know what he understands because he is so active and never sits still.

Sam and the older kids ski on a bigger hill (well, big for the Midwest) further away from home. Johnny was in Little Bumper School every Sunday afternoon at a local hill. It was the highlight of his week.

He would have a lesson in the morning and then a free rope tow ticket for the rest of the day. Often, one of the older kids would drive over and ski with him for the afternoon. Johnny did fine for a beginner but, like most, he had some trouble with the rope tow. Imagine holding on to a moving rope, squatting slightly, and being pulled up a hill. It’s easy to catch an edge or lose your balance.

One afternoon, a woman biffed in front of Johnny on the rope tow. Like a domino falling, he tumbled right on top of her. She was startled by this surprise bundle in her lap. He sat up on her, wrapped his little arms around her neck, and said,

” Lady, I’m alright! I didn’t tear my ACL.”

I guess Johnny understands more than we think.

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