These days, I’m moving at the pace of a sloth and with the grace of an orangutan.

That’s quite a combo. Not exactly the National Geographic jackpot.

I continue to deal with extreme fatigue, swelling, heartburn, occasional nausea, and carpal tunnel syndrome. As Roseanne Roseannadanna would say, “you sound like one attractive gal!”

Last week, I shoe-horned myself into a maternity swimming suit and ran in the water for an hour. Well, more like a quick jog. Regardless, it was pure heaven. There is simply no greater workout than Fluid Running. If you haven’t heard of it, do yourself the favor of checking it out. I love weight lifting and Fluid Running. In my current state I consider walking around a form of weight lifting. So Fluid Running is all I have left.

I knocked over a display of oranges at the grocery store the other day. Misjudging the size of my distended abdomen, I cut too tight of a turn radius and sideswiped the Jenga-like assortment of citrus fruit. I hoped that no one noticed but the produce boy stacking bags of carrots did. He graciously offered to pick up my mess, which I much appreciated. If I had bent over, I’m not sure I would have been able to right the ship.

A couple of updates on the baby front. I am past the 32 week mark. Today, I begin weekly grow ultrasounds and non-stress testing. Dr S. will make a week-to-week decision regarding the continuation of the pregnancy. He has to balance what is best for both me and the baby. Hopefully, I can make it to 38 weeks. At my last growth ultrasound, Ocho weighed around 2 pounds, 11 ounces. The doctor is very pleased with the baby’s growth and size. Must be the grilled chicken sandwiches, my one serious craving this pregnancy.

I am doing kick counting each morning and evening. I pick a 2-hour window and make sure I feel at least 10 kicks, rolls, or punches. There is a much greater risk of stillbirth because of both my age and the baby’s Down syndrome diagnosis. It has been disconcerting to have such frank discussions about stillbirth. In my prior 7 pregnancies I have never had a doctor even mention this possibility.

I had one final cardiac echo last week. From most of the angles, there appears to be no change in the size of the Baby Ocho’s left ventricle. But, when Dr. G. looked from a posterior angle, he was encouraged. He said there is some chance that the baby’s left ventricle might be big enough. If that were the case, Ocho would only need a biventricular repair which would mean one surgery creating two functioning ventricles.

We won’t know for sure until after Ocho arrives and undergoes a bevy of testing. But there is a chance, however slight. I figure even the slightest chance keeps people buying lottery tickets. And someone eventually wins.

Maybe Ocho is my Powerball.

9 thoughts on “Powerball

      • Is this a recent picture of you? It bears no similarity to your ungenerous description of yourself…you look great! Also, that ultrasound picture! I know there is so much uncertainty about a lot of things but at least we can put to rest any idea that your baby is not adorable ❤️


  1. Little Ocho looks beautiful! I cannot wait to meet this little person! I’m sure you feel every ounce of this little person you carry with you everywhere you go, but you are as gorgeous as ever; inside and out. Grow tiny heart, grow…


  2. You look great, a little more plump. Do you think you could get up on that center stage in the pool at the moment? P.s. How’s Jonny ?


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