Beckygram: A New Series

Hi there! My name is Becky and I am 6 days old. I heard my mom has a blog. I don’t know what that is. Perhaps it stands for BabyLOG? That’s my best guess.

Anyways, Mom says that I can have my own featurette and I’ve decided to name it “Beckygram”. Isn’t that cute?

Today I thought I would share a picture. And ask for some help.

Did something get missed here?

I don’t really know where I start and where I end but I think those legs belong to me. I hope my nurse comes back and wraps these up. Perhaps she needed to take a break and get some coffee. Perhaps we are low on linens in the NICU. Or maybe she is showing me off. I do have a bit of a reputation in the NICU on account of my weight.

Regardless, there’s not much I can do about it. Except share it in my very first Beckygram!

4 thoughts on “Beckygram: A New Series

  1. You are too precious! Hopefully hose nurses came back and wrapped you back up.Thanks for the updates Becky 🙂


  2. Beckygram to Momma, Get some rest and restoration. I kind of like the beeps and lights in this place. In fact, I think I felt an angel’s wing on my cheek.


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