Beckygram: Natural State

It’s been a busy 24 hours for me.

This is what I look like without any tubes, wires, or leads. It was the first time Mommy saw me in my natural state. She was very happy and quickly grabbed her phone while I posed.

Yesterday, Mom told you about the things I need to do to leave the NICU and go home. Well, I crossed #1 and #2 off the list.

#1/Remove IV line: The nurse took this out at 0600 on Tuesday morning. Hopefully this means I won’t be as susceptible to infections. It feels so good to have my belly button back.

#2/Wean Off Forced Air and Oxygen: Well, we took the plunge yesterday afternoon, went cold turkey, and took off the nasal cannula. My nurse Trudy believed I could do it and gave me a chance to prove it. I’ve done very well without the extra respiratory support. Sometimes, my oxygen levels go down while I am eating but they quickly recover. As a cardiac baby, I am supposed to stay above 85 on the pulse oximeter. But I am often times above 92, which is the threshold for normal babies. That’s because I am a fighter. #BeckyStrong

I am still working on feedings which are terribly exhausting. I need to take my full amount of food. So, what I don’t finish in my bottle, goes down my NG tube. The nurse had to place this yesterday. I understand it helps me keep growing but it isn’t my favorite thing, at least while it is being placed. Obviously.

Shortly after this photo was taken, I managed to pull it completely out in protest.


7 thoughts on “Beckygram: Natural State

  1. Just like Gracie….
    Becky, “You got this girl…do what you can to get out of the hospital, time will help. You will get even stronger…and we will all be there to help you!.”…Love, Grace


  2. She is amazing. She has that Rauch determination to do what needs to be done just like her siblings. Keep it going , darling. Youe Mom and dad and lots of othrs are there to support you.Love and prayers, Bonnie Brown


  3. She’s adorable when she’s mad! She’s so alert!!

    Her poor delicate skin on her face looks very tender.

    She’s come a long way in just a week. She’s definitely a fighter. You go girl!!!


  4. Way to go, spunky girl! Nobody ever likes those things! But, yeah, it’s doing good things for you, so give the nurse a break and bear with it for a few days! Then you get to go home and meet your pack! We love you, sweet girl! Keep the posts coming, #Becky strong! ❤️😘


  5. Becky, I love the photo of you with no tubes!! Tell your Mom to give you a kiss for me. Love and continued prayers for you, Aunt Jan


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