Beckygram: Grit

I continue to recover from surgery.

It’s a slow process. Mom tells me that slow and steady wins the race. At least the race that I am running.

It’s been a couple of busy days. My surgeon is pleased with my incision and the placement of my G-tube. I continue to have the contents of my stomach suctioned. Immediately after surgery, this liquid looked like motor oil. Now it looks like liquid caramel, a far more pleasing color. The doctors need this to turn clear before I can begin feeding again. I apologize if you’re eating lunch while reading Mom’s blog.

Mom started her training on G-tube feedings yesterday. Because my dad had to work, another exception was made for my Mommo to visit me in the NICU. Mommo has been living in the Ronald McDonald house with Mom. Mommo stays there alone all day, just waiting for Mom to get home at night. So this was a treat for her to come over to the hospital for only the second time.

Luckily, the training team was running behind schedule, so Mommo had a chance to hold me for an hour. She said it was pure bliss. I agree.

My breathing is causing some concern. Because I am a cardiac baby awaiting heart surgery in a couple of months, the medical team expects my respiration rate to be higher than a healthy newborn. But, now that I am two weeks past my birthday, the pressure in my lungs is dropping and more blood from the heart is flooding my lungs.

I’ve had several X-rays and my lungs look a bit hazy. So I am receiving Lasix which is a diuretic and should help my lungs release some of the additional fluid. Please pray that this medication works and that my breathing slows. If I breathe too fast and work too hard, I might burn too many calories and struggle to gain weight. Mom tells me that this is an unimaginable problem for most people. But it’s one of my biggest issues right now.

Every medical decision being made is to help preserve my heart and get me to my heart surgery. We want to delay this surgery as long as possible so that I can grow big and strong. And my family wants as much time with me as possible before I come back for another long hospital stay.

Finally, I am sporting a new piece of headwear. Apparently, I like to turn my head to the right which is flattening out my head and could shorten the muscles on one side of my neck. I wasn’t really happy when Auntie Emily put this on my head. (Mom and I call my nurses my Aunties now since it helps the NICU feel more like home). I may have stuck my tongue out when Auntie Emily wasn’t looking.

But, now I think I look like John McEnroe. Mom tells me he had grit and a bit of attitude. Not a bad combination, though I promise not to throw anything out of my bed.

I must confess that I did pull out my NG tube this morning when Auntie Christina wasn’t watching. I think Mr. McEnroe would approve.

7 thoughts on “Beckygram: Grit

  1. I am in stictches here with the pictures and visuals, Miss B!
    Please be an angel and help yourself out by behaving.
    Prayers continuing for better reports with each passing day.


  2. Sweet baby Becky. You have been through sooo much! But like your mommy and daddy you are strong and brave and will conquer!!


  3. Becky, you are one tough little girl! We love all the pics and we love you! Keep on keeping on, little one.

    Love and hugs to you and your Mom.

    Marian and Rob K.


  4. Sweet Becky, we are so proud of and happy for all your progress! Love the visuals of your stomach contents! 😍 And a little bit of attitude will serve you well as the youngest of eight! 💜 you and praying for you, sweet one!


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