We interrupt our regular broadcast for the following announcement.

This channel had been heavy on the Becky storyline the past three weeks. Today, a piece featuring Greta.

Greta is our oldest child and a Junior in college. She is studying Computer Science and Chinese. A talented, all-around gal with an entertaining propensity to make glaring spelling errors. And this despite the heroic efforts of some of her grade school teachers, including the famous Ms. Rooney.

I’ve kept a list of some of Greta’s most egregious spelling mistakes over her grade school years. Well, I am a trained archivist with a knack for identifying and preserving valuable source material. Luckily this skill set extends to my children. I’m sure Greta will appreciate my sharing these tidbits online.

Stoodint – Student

Janyouwhary– January

Weemembr – Remember

Camelflodge – Camouflage

Foke Tale – Folk Tale

Fickshin – Fiction

Tungs – Tongues

Moove – Movie

Yoochawool – Usual

I still giggle every time I read the list. Honestly, I think her spelling of January, camouflage, and usual are pure genius. Though I would suggest she never audition for “Wheel of Fortune”. Truthfully, Greta has a deep appreciation of her limitations. After all, she has pursued the study of Chinese for the past eight years. As there is no alphabet in Chinese, I don’t think she can misspell any words. Brilliant!

Speaking of grade school, I received a lovely text yesterday from Greta’s former 2nd grade teacher. Mrs. Case is a dear friend of mine. Our husbands coached a robotics team for our kids for many years. I have the greatest memories from these years of practices and competitions. She’s one of those friends that you immediately catch up with and pick up exactly where you left off.

Well, Mrs. Case was going through some old files and found this gem from Greta.

Greta covered significant ground in that letter. Just from reading it, you know that Mrs. Case had a great impact my first born. And the letter is so Greta, misspellings and all.

How kind of Mrs. Case to weemembr her former stoodint and send along this blast from the past. Clearly no work of fickshin, it’s a heartfelt letter to her beloved teacher.

Who apparently had a fabulous new hair cut in 2006.

7 thoughts on “Camelflodge

  1. Love, love, love…I see the sweet, confident little face of the second grader, and think of the utterly wonderful young woman she has become. I wonder: did lambie make the cut to Notre Dame?? Greta dragged him/ her everywhere! And I think there is something in her exotic spelling skills which was the germ and source of her propensity for even more exotic foreign languages! Like Chinese and Swahili… I truly admire Greta being able to cover everything from puzzle day thru First Communion and Christmas and a compliment to the teacher in a single letter, at the age of 7! I love the 21 year old; but I also miss the second grader.❤️😘


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