Beckygram: A Passing Grade

Things are moving quickly around here.

And I am beginning to hear the word discharge date. Doesn’t that have a nice ring to it?

Yesterday, Mom had to bring in my car seat to demonstrate her aptitude in the use of said device. I had to demonstrate an ability to maintain my vital signs, midline posture (with the help of rolled receiving blankets and adult washcloths – it’s really quite the process), and head control.

I was resting peacefully before the test.

And then Mom and I were having the loveliest conversation. Something about circuses and the Electoral College. Which I hope are separate things.

And then this car seat nurse appeared. Enthusiastic and knowledgeable. But I had my suspicions. I really want to go home to the Rowdy 7 and Dad. But this car seat thing is for the dogs. Mommo promises me that she will sit in the back seat and talk me through my first car ride home.

Mom says it is important to express your feelings. Any questions about my reaction to the NICU Car Seat Challenge?


7 thoughts on “Beckygram: A Passing Grade

  1. Oh, Sweet Becky…
    Mr. Jack doesn’t like to wear his seatbelt either, but I lovingly remind him it’s for his own good.

    Come home soon 💜


  2. I don’t blame you, Becky, for not liking being trussed up like a turkey! But you will be home soon & give ole Tom T a run for being the star of Thanksgiving. ❤ Aunt Cynthia


  3. Oh Becky, you little treasure! I’m so sorry about the NICU Car Seat Challenge! 😢 It’s what we call a “necessary evil”, just something you’ll need to endure to get home to Dad and the Rowdy 7! You’re gonna be a Big Star there! 🌟Everyone will love you to pieces, and you’re sure never to be bored.


  4. Oh THAT face!!! You did a great job of letting momma know how you felt about that car seat challenge! No problem hiding your feelings there! 🤯. It’s hard to give up that warm blanket swaddle for a car seat! And I’m with you there! Cuddled up while in bed definitely beats sitting up any place, especially a car seat!

    I’m glad you’re hearing that WONDERFUL word,“DISCHARGE”. Home will be so fun and action packed for you. So much lovin’ just waiting for you! 🤗🤗🥰🥰😍😍😘😘😘😘🥳🥳🥳🥳🤩🤩🤩


  5. What a wonderful picture! She is letting you know what she likes and doesn’t like – this is a wonderful thing. You will be home in no time with letting them know like that. Love and prayers.


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