Beckygram: Good Times

It’s been quiet around Mom’s blog the last few days.

That may have something to do with me.

I realize that Mom hasn’t written much. She probably forgot just how much spare time she would have with a newborn in the house. Maybe she has shifted from blogging to writing the great American novel. I’m not really sure. Regardless, to help her out, I thought I would post some pictures. Because, let’s face it, I’m adorable. And way more interesting than Mom’s commentary on life. Or any potential novel.

I arrived home Sunday night and quickly settled into my new digs. I love it around here. Mom and Dad have some friends who are serious Alabama fans. Don’t think I haven’t noticed the Alabama mascot infiltration. I wasn’t born yesterday. My sisters promise to bring a Leprechaun to balance things out.

My time has been filled with feedings and diaper changes. Sometimes people can’t decide what to do with me. So they convene a committee to figure out what to do next.

There are lots of cuddles, which I love. I spent so much time in the NICU, that Mom says it’s open season on holding me. As I’m fairly popular, Mom is thinking of installing a number ticket dispenser, like at the super market deli. Just to keep some control around here.

I spend a fair amount of time online. Seriously, I am all over Zoom. I’ve been to a bunch of high school classes. I’m particularly strong in Calculus, but struggling a little with Physics. My analytical skills were particularly useful during Mommo’s Bible Study. Those women loved me and spent the better part of an hour cooing over me. Not sure it was their most productive meeting, but I was happy to entertain them. Zoom wears me out.

I’ve met my pediatrician and my home nurse. I return to see my cardiologist tomorrow. I’m working hard to gain weight. Every ounce is a victory. My cheeks are really getting full and sometimes need support.

I’ll admit it. I’m storing nuts for the winter.

13 thoughts on “Beckygram: Good Times

  1. Such cute pictures! I LOVE the one where you’re holding up your cheek. I love that there’s a waiting line to hold you. It must make you feel very loved which of course you are.


  2. Hey, Becky, you & I have a common birth trait-we both came up short in the hair style. My Dad called me “peach head”-my hair was so blond/white that I looked BALD! At least you have beautiful. brunette fringe(I am jealous). Keep up gaining weight (another common trait-must be the Lynch genes) ❤ Aunt Cynthia


  3. Beckygrams are pure joy! Her posts ALWAYS make me smile….thank you for allowing her voice to shine through. Prayers and love to Clan Rauch!!


  4. Becky – I can not wait until you are old enough to hold the Red and White Shakers – you get to shake them A LOT during the games!

    But most of all I can not wait to meet you in person.
    Keep gaining your strength.

    You are just SO adorable.

    Roll Tide


  5. Oh my cuteness. I can’t stand it. Becky is SO adorable. I’m so happy she’s getting all that love and snuggles. She looks so peaceful and content. Yay!!
    What a blessed Thanksgiving the Rauches will have this year!!
    🧡💛🤎 🦃🦃 🧡💛🤎


  6. Becky is really growing! Love your comments. Saw Dianne from your running group and told her about your new baby! So glad your mom is still here😃


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