Zoom Gloom

Becky is 7 weeks old. She is more alert these days and developing quite the personality. Sometimes her little face captures my feelings exactly.

This is how I feel about remote learning.

All of the kids began remote learning this week after the Thanksgiving break. Since August, our grade school kids (Rocky, Miffy and Johnny) have attended classes in person. I am so grateful for this time. Although there have been significant modifications, they’ve had time with friends and a chance at some normalcy. They also know their teachers and have a solid understanding of class expectations.

Michael and Josephine attend different high schools but each school has implemented a hybrid schedule this fall: three days of remote learning and two days on campus. Josephine’s school even transitioned recently to three days of in-class instruction. But then Thanksgiving arrived and with it, a significant rise in Covid cases in the surrounding community.

So here we are: 5 kids in 5 different grades at 3 different schools. All at home. At the same time. Thankfully, Sam goes to his lab at work every day and Greta and Angela have finished their college semester. Michael and Johnny are in the kitchen. Josephine and Miffy are in their respective bedrooms. Rocky has retired to an old couch in the garage, wrapped in blankets. I guess the Wifi signal is strong enough out there and, though it must be cold, it is certainly quieter than the house. We’ve ordered a new space heater.

So that’s our set up. My apologies if we break the Internet and temporarily disrupt holiday shopping. It’s been an interesting start to the week. I’ve written before of my admiration for NICU nurses. Joining them on the All-Star Team of Superhumans are Kindergarten teachers. I came down to Johnny in face paint this morning. This was not part of today’s assigned work. But he got a little distracted. And the red marker was just too tempting.

I’ve enjoyed listening to Johnny’s Kindergarten classes these last two days. If Mrs. E had a quarter for every time she tells a kid to mute their microphone, I’m fairly certain she could retire by the end of January. But there is much excitement over loose teeth and the promised windfall from the Tooth Fairy. And this must be shared. By each kid. At the same time. God bless Mrs. E.

Today, there was a great discussion about whether infinity is a number. Johnny argued that it is a concept, though he didn’t use that word. A fabulous discussion ensued. Michael even popped off his Physics class to confirm that Johnny is right. I could go either way.

Later in the day, Michael relayed the following conversation which occurred during Johnny’s science class.

Johnny: Michael, are clouds made of cotton balls?

Michael: Yes.

Johnny: No, they are made of water because water falls down from outer space.

Becky is concerned.

10 thoughts on “Zoom Gloom

  1. This Blog will make the Seller list when you publish. Like all accounts it is so true for many plus your gracious faith filled acceptance of all you have. I am in awe of you! Go bless you all. Love and prayers daily. Bonnie Ps Greta and Angela could have been remote too🤩

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    • The next time I hide away from everyone and drink champagne with you, I’d like to do it in that garage. And while we’re upgrading from basement to garage, let’s also upgrade from Cook’s to, well, almost anything else.

      Could Becky be any cuter?!


  2. I am so glad to learn of Becky’s continued progress. She likely appreciates the TLC from her stay at home brothers and sisters. Much love, Aunt Jan


  3. Becky, the consternation on your little face says it all! Honestly, I wasn’t sure if I was seeing bikes hanging from the ceiling of the living room or couches in the garage! Such resourcefulness… Looks nice; only needs a few pictures on the wall! Becky is really learning how to roll with the fam! ❤️💕❤️💕


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