Holiday Confusion

Johnny is learning great things in Kindergarten. And he enjoys expressing his likes and dislikes of those things.

Today the class worked on a holiday unit. The kids drew a picture and wrote a sentence about a favorite seasonal activity.

Apparently Johnny likes lighting candles. On a menorah. Which is lovely.

Except we don’t own one. Because we aren’t Jewish.

18 thoughts on “Holiday Confusion

  1. Reminds me so much of Sylvie. Whatever it takes to get the assignment done and move on to something more interesting. Have I told you how last year she got out of 100% of her homework from August to December? She told me she didn’t have any, she told the teacher that I said she didn’t have to do it. It took me over 4 months to figure this out.


  2. Luke and Johnny must be on same wavelength. Last week with free XM radio in the car, we were listening to The Beatles Channel. Luke asks, “Mommy, when will they play “Hey Jew”?” LOL


  3. I think I understand Johnny. An Advent wreath only has 4 candles; a menorah 🕎 has SEVEN! Little boys absolutely love setting things on fire! I think Johnny has a future in the Boy Scouts! 😍😘


  4. He is adorable! He is so cosmopolitan and non parochial !HahhaHe reminds me so much of the young Michael.Love to all.B


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