I haven’t been able to post as much recently. And many of you kindly drop me emails, texts, and comments asking how our family is coping with our precious little Becky.

Well, consider the following words that I have actually spoken during the last two weeks.

Who left their toothbrush in the shower?

No, I don’t have time to climb a tree and free your drone.

Johnny, come get your golf club out of the dishwasher.

Fish don’t usually float on their backs. I think we’ve lost Ferdinand.

Yes, I know what happens when you blow in a baby’s face. Now, knock it off.

Why are there teeth marks on my lip balm?

Who drew on the baby?

It has been a busy two weeks. Remote learning for 5 children, 7 dental appointments, 5 eye doctor appointments, 2 pediatrician visits, 1 cardiology follow-up, 1 speech therapy evaluation, 5 trips to the airport, a high school entrance exam, and 1 vet visit. I could be the poster child for Google Calendar. I was so grateful to have frozen tuna fish casserole, spaghetti and meatballs, and chicken curry to thaw for dinners. Thanks Mom and Dad!

So, how is our family doing? Judge for yourself.

I’d like to blame the chaos and the golf club in the dishwasher on Becky. But, if I’m being perfectly honest, it’s par for the course.

21 thoughts on “Words

    • Thanks for the prayers, Mary Rose. Miss seeing you on Friday! I hope all is well with your beautiful and growing family!


  1. If you can get all of that done and have everyone looking so good. I’d say you are “Wonder Woman.” Keep up the great work team.


  2. Remiss in contacting you… thought you might be a tad occupied!
    You have a marvelous opportunity to set your days to “The Twelve Days of Christmas”! Now that would make an interesting family event.
    I always enjoy reading Kathleen’s Kronikles.
    The house sounds like organized bedlam …
    Happy Holidays


    • Oh, I love your idea of putting my life to a Christmas carol. No Scrooges around here!. Glad you enjoy reading about the bedlam. It is best enjoyed at a distance 🙂


  3. 😂😂😂 Thanks for giving us all a little perspective and a good laugh!!! And I don’t know if thats some sort of COVID adaptation the kids have hanging out of their mouths at the dentist’s office or what, but I’ve never seen it before!!! Becky is growing a sweet head of hair, and I’m sure loving the fun, happy, crazy place she’s landed. Love you all!!


    • Becky doesn’t lack for love or attention.The picture of your daughter in the green shirt holding Becky is beautiful. Your daughter is a picture of your mom.I bet there are times you wish there were 3 of you..You have a very special family..Merry Christmas .
      ELAINE Dynis


  4. Becky doesn’t lack for love and attention.She is so lucky and you are so tired.Your daughter in the green shirt smiling and holding Becky is a picture of your mother.I know all your daughters names,but get mixed up with the 3 younger ones.It doesn’t matter,they are all beautiful like their mom.


  5. Looking at those pictures and the report on activities I couldn’t help thinking what Becky must be experiencing—“where am I and who are these people.”


  6. How chaotic! If anyone can do it it is you! Becky is a doll and loves having a smile on her forward until she’s smiling on her own. There are lots of artistic ppl in your extended family. Why not one more!?!
    God Bless you Kathleen.


  7. Come on, Kathleen, look on the positive side-brushing teeth in the shower gets one clean inside & outside, plus no hugging the bath sink; with the weather up in yankee land, think of the dishwasher as a water hazard & as to a smiley on Becky’s forehead, you have either a future budding Salvador Dali or a tattoo artist in you midst. I recommend 3 fingers (neat) of Jamesons
    to put the family circus in perspective. In fact, I’ll have one for you! love, Aunt Cynthia


  8. Your story is better than a best selling novel

    Love your blogs Kathleen

    Wishing your whole family. Blessed Christmas Season


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