Friday Night Lights

Friday night is usually pizza and movie night at our house.

Last night, Becky decided she wanted a little more excitement and a road trip.

Greta was holding Becky for a feeding when suddenly her G-tube popped out. This is an emergency as the abdominal hole can begin to close rapidly. Providentially, Sam was walking into the house just as the chaos erupted. His early evening home from work quickly turned into a night at the hospital.

Given Friday night traffic and the pressing need to have the G-tube replaced, we opted for the closest hospital. We grabbed our trusty G-tube kit (we never leave home without it) and rushed to the emergency room. Actually, I rushed a little too quickly and managed to back into a car parked in our driveway. Thankfully no damage was done.

Once at the emergency room, things moved quickly. It helps to have the right kind of emergency and a cute baby. Gratefully, the staff allowed both of us to stay with Becky. I eventually went home to grab Becky’s feeding supplies and an overnight bag. Sam stayed with her while they replaced the G-tube and began drawing labs and taking x-rays.

The doctors were immediately concerned about Becky’s oxygen saturation levels and labored breathing. They moved quickly to transfer us to the children’s hospital by ambulance. The pediatric transfer team did a great job and Becky enjoyed her ride under the highway lights. She hammed it up, smiling and cooing for the three doting nurses in the back. Obviously, Becky wanted more than a pepperoni pizza and Gnomeo and Juliet from her Friday night.

As I rode shotgun in the ambulance, I tried to find the silver lining to this chaotic evening. It didn’t take long. I cheerfully announced to the team that with this ER visit and road trip across the city, we had likely met both our annual deductible and out-of-pocket maximum. In one night. In the first week of January. Ka-chow!

Becky was direct admitted to the pediatric floor at the Children’s Hospital. I stayed overnight at her bedside. The team here is fantastic and have quickly become Becky fans. It’s the hair. And those cheeks.

It was a typical night in the hospital, full of interrupted sleep and beeping alarms. Becky’s G-tube popped out again but was quickly replaced and properly inflated this time. At one point I was dreaming that my nurse and I were grabbing a Starbucks. It was lovely. But I woke up to her standing over me, asking me to leave the room while some x-rays were taken. Which was not as nice as the Starbucks dream.

Becky is resting comfortably. They have ruled out a viral infection as the cause of the low oxygen saturation. She’s a cardiac baby and is showing obvious signs that she needs the operation. The cardiology team is comfortable with her numbers and thinks she can hang on a few more days. The Becky Bowl has been rescheduled for Wednesday, January 13. Three months to the day since she was born.

My mother is airborne now making her way from Texas. She will join me as Becky’s second caregiver next week. I am so grateful that I will not be alone in the hospital this time. Hopefully, we will be discharged soon and will return on Monday for Becky’s pre-op appointments.

Unless Becky has other plans for her Saturday night.

16 thoughts on “Friday Night Lights

  1. Kathleen, I am happy that all issues were addressed quickly. Know you ,Becky , Sam and all the family are in my prayers! God bless! Bonnie Brown


  2. Look at that adorable smile! Becky sure had an exciting Fri night. I imagine moving up her surgery is both a relief and scary for you all. You and Becky have many faithful prayer warriors. God bless Becky and your family.


  3. We are always fans of a happy ending! Becky, you really missed some laughs with Gnomeo and Juliet! Maybe, just maybe, your parents will let you watch it when you get home today! ❤️❤️❤️ Love and hugs!


  4. What a “hair”raising experience!! I’m sure you will enjoy better Friday nights-hopefully not quite as exciting as this one. Know that all the South Carolina family (great aunts/uncle & cousins 1st & 2nd) are praying for the upcoming Becky Bowl. Just to let you know that “13” is the Lynch Clan’s lucky number😊. ❤🙏, Aunt Cynthia-the great.


  5. What a beautiful little angel, Becky, I can’t wait to meet her! She is a lucky baby to have such a wonderful family taking care of her every need. God Bless all of you!


  6. Becky is in good hands, between the hospital and her wonderful family. With that precious smile, she’ll be able to get away with murder. 😊

    Marian K.


  7. What a fun night, and that smile in the last picture tells me no one will be able to get mad at that cherub!! Her G tube site looks awesome!!! Congratulations on a job well done. Let me know when you can change the tube on your own—I will come help you do it!! No more trips to an ED–unless you really enjoyed the adventure and wish to recreate it in the future!!


  8. It is those cheeks and that hair! So adorable, and she is such a tough little lady! Prayers and hugs for you all!


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