The Becky Bowl began this morning with a 4:45am alarm.

But not for Becky. This little girl continued sleeping peacefully all morning, blissfully unaware of her pending surgery.

Mom and I finished packing, making separate piles for Greta and Angela. A small pile to move to the Ronald McDonald House. A big pile to move back home. Becky does not travel lightly.

We made the quick 15 minute drive to the hospital from the hotel, a light dusting of snow on the roads.

We were lead to the Day Surgery area.

Becky woke briefly to take in her new surroundings. She was wiped down with antiseptic cloths, weighed (13 pounds even), and hooked up for a brief set of vitals. She was mildly perturbed by her MRSA swab. Other than that, our star player has been full of curiosity and smiles.

We spoke with the surgeon and anesthesiologist and I signed all the necessary forms. Becky will be taken back to the operating room where she will be immediately put to sleep through a mask. Once asleep, they will place all the lines. So she will literally feel nothing before the surgery.

We met Sue who is the lead nurse. Then we met Kathleen, Becky’s PCICU (Pediatric Cardiac Intensive Care Unit) nurse for the day. Nice name, eh? Kathleen will be with Becky the entire day, through surgery and back at the unit. She will keep us updated throughout the morning.

Then it was time for her to go. I was brimming with confidence and just a few tears. Becky was so peaceful all morning, despite having no feeds since midnight. I truly feel all of the love and prayers being sent our way.

Sue couldn’t keep from squeezing Becky’s cheeks. Kathleen said she was excited to have such a cute baby to cuddle.

Becky is in the best of hands.

Mom and I are in Becky’s PCICU room which is spacious and cheery. I found a Starbucks in the hospital and am enjoying my new favorite drink while I type.

We await the first update momentarily.

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