The past few hours have been relatively peaceful.

Becky is in her PCICU room sporting a fabulous pair of socks and a new hair bow. Kathleen (PCICU nurse) said that’s about as much as they can do for her hair.

Becky occasionally stirs and moments ago began grabbing for her breathing tube. It’s heartbreaking to see her face shrivel up as she tries to cry but is unable to make any noise. Kathleen calms her with a few gentle pats, some soothing words, and a narcotic. The surgeons just stopped in for one last peak before leaving for the night. They plan to keep her intubated until tomorrow.

At one point this afternoon, I met up with Greta and Angela who graciously moved Mom and I out of the hotel. I made my way through the hospital maze, found the exit, and headed to the Ronald McDonald House. I filled out the online paperwork without the aid of my readers. Apparently, I accidentally marked that Sam was my service animal instead of my emergency contact.

The day has gone extremely well and I have experienced so much peace, a tribute to everyone’s thoughts and prayers. The team monitors Becky constantly and there is always a set of eyes on her. Fatigue is setting in as the adrenaline dissipates. It doesn’t help that I managed to knock over my latte, filling Becky’s room with a nice minty smell. I feel comfortable leaving Becky overnight and Mom will return early tomorrow morning.

A final note. There’s quite a bit going on in terms of tubes and lines coming out of Becky. Honestly, it’s not her best look. I want to err on the side of caution when posting pictures, not wanting to disturb anyone. Perhaps I’ll post a better peak of our little fighter after she has been extubated tomorrow.

10 thoughts on “Resting

  1. Oh my gosh, there are 30X more machines than baby. Keep fighting, little Becky, you are an inspiration. As are your mother and grandmother.


    • We are rooting for you Becky!! You’ll be up and cooing and pooing and sucking and smiling in no time. Get some sleep Kathleen. She’s in good hands. Continued prayers for this little miracle. Love you all Heart emoji. Smile emoji


  2. Thanks for the wonderful account of the day! I’m so happy that all went well for Becky, and hope that you will be able to rest soundly tonight knowing she is in the capable and gifted hands of the ICU doctors and nurses! Storming the heavens with prayers for all of you!! Hugs from across the miles!


  3. Becky – You Played Like A Champion today and won the MVP award for the Becky Bowl. Congratulations on this amazing WIN! May you have a peaceful night’s sleep – you earned it.


  4. I’m grateful for all the tubes and lines and pumps and medications and electronic wonders that are monitoring Becky’s every breath and heartbeat, or helping her in some way, and the nurses and doctors who placed them and understand them and monitor them. Because they are giving Becky the chance at life she might otherwise have been denied. And I’m waiting for tomorrow, and the day when she will rest once again in her Mama’s arms. Sleep well, beautiful One! ❤️


  5. Thank you for the updates all day! My class kept asking, “have you heard about Baby Becky?” We had one of her sweet pictures up on the white board while we prayed early this morning. She has an outstanding medical team and is surrounded by love and prayers. 🥰


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