Update #2

Kathleen (Becky’s PCICU nurse) gave us another brief update. Surgery is progressing well. The surgeons are working on the Gortex patch that will create the proper connection between the upper and lower chambers of her heart. This will allow the right and left sides of her heart to communicate properly. This patch is in the middle of this drawing with hashmarks across it.

Becky may return to the room intubated. She needs to be very calm after surgery. If she is agitated and cries too hard, she could tear the delicate stiches holding the Gortex patch in place. We will not be able to hold her until sometime tomorrow.

One thought on “Update #2

  1. It is so wonder-full to receive your play-by-play broadcasts, Kathleen, and especially that Becky’s surgery is proceeding well. Hurray for Gortex!


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