Day 3 ♥ Update 1

Becky had a good night and is resting comfortably today.

She continues to progress, one baby step at a time. Which seems appropriate.

Mom and I participated in rounds again this morning. Her blood pressures trended lower overnight so they made a decision to reduce her sedation. Both sedative drips are completely off and she is just receiving Tylenol and Motrin.

Becky began her feeds early this morning. There is an ongoing discussion about the necessity of continued milk fortification. As Dr. VB (the head of Becky’s PCICU team) said, “She came to us rather robust.” I’ll say. She’s been awake more and engages with all the nurses, therapists, and doctors. She loves looking at her reflection in the glass ceiling light. They also hung a mobile which fascinates her. The occupational, speech, and physical therapists are pleased with her progress.

The surgeons stopped in briefly. They are encouraged to see her extubated. However, her lungs continue to be very wet. The Lasix drip should help over time. The team is keeping a close eye on her kidney function. The chest tube will remain in place today to monitor the output and check for a chylothorax. Dr. VB said he remains hopeful that the chyle in her chest cavity at the beginning of surgery was just a fluke and not an indication of damage to her lymphatic system. Time will tell.

Becky just completed a music therapy session. The music therapist stood at her bedside and played Disney tunes on the guitar. Mom and I may have enjoyed a brief nap as well.

Today’s goals include increasing her feeds and preparing to lay her prone. She has pacing wires in place but the pacemaker is doing none of the work. They hope to have Becky in our arms at some point this afternoon. It will be good for her lungs and entire body to be in a different position. It will do me some good as well.

3 thoughts on “Day 3 ♥ Update 1

  1. Our Blessed Mother has Becky gently placed in Her Arms in that bed. Mama Mary is taking amazing care of her until Mama Kathleen and Gramma Jeanette can hold her again💞💞💞. Hugs from all of your St Joe’s Family🥰


  2. I’m amazed by the idea that you could have open heart surgery and then just deal with it with Motrin and Tylenol. #warrior


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