Day 4 ♥ Update 1

Have you ever run into someone’s twin before? Not an actual twin, but someone who reminds you so completely of another person that it makes you wonder?

Well, one of Becky’s nurses may be Sam’s cousin Theresa. Apparently Theresa’s doppelgänger is a NICU nurse training as a special float nurse in the PCICU. The resemblance in physical features, speech pattern, and general disposition is astounding. I will try to sneak a picture.

Becky had a hard afternoon yesterday. The two sedatives were turned off and almost immediately she reacted. She was in pain and extremely restless for hours. We couldn’t get her into a comfortable position. Mom and I tried for hours. The nurse had me hold her but even that didn’t do the trick. They finally gave her a high concentration of Tylenol to take the edge off her pain.

This morning, things are better and she is resting more comfortably. As I waited for morning rounds, I opened Becky’s electronic medical record and saw that there are 102 test results. I decided to pass and let the medical team interpret the trends for me.

The beginning of rounds focused on Becky’s hair which has become legendary around here. It really looks like she has put her finger into an electrical outlet. There was a debate over whether Becky looks more like Alfalfa from The Little Rascals or Pebbles from The Flintstones. Regardless, Dr. VB does recommend a bow to get the situation under control. The levity of the conversation brought me some comfort as Becky’s chest x-ray continues to be cause for concern.

Her high flow has been increased from 6 to 10 liters based on this poor overnight x-ray. Her chest now puffs up with each breath as they are forcing more air into her lungs. She began respiratory therapy today as they are trying to open up her lungs. It will be important to try again to move her into different positions. Dr. VB encouraged us to do whatever is necessary to help distract and comfort her while prone.

I also learned that I over-fortified Becky’s feeds in the week leading up to surgery. When the pediatrician switched her formula to address the milk protein allergy, I never thought to ask if the measurements would be comparable between formulas. No wonder she put on a pound in a week. Dr. VB told me not to feel a moment of guilt behind my mask. He said I did a good thing to get her so big before surgery. Normally babies with a complete AV canal struggle to gain weight. But he may cut the fortification out now that she has come through the surgery.

They will continue monitoring her chest tube output. So far, no chyle has been detected which is encouraging. Becky will have an echo this morning to image the pulmonary artery pressures as well as the AV valve and function. She is also in for a day of aggressive suctioning to help clear her lungs. Baby steps…..

3 thoughts on “Day 4 ♥ Update 1

  1. I haven’t met Becky yet oh, but I sure do love her. Hope you get a picture of Theresa’s look alike. Our prayers are continuing.


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