Back at the Ranch

Several people have asked about things on the home front.

Well, the ship hasn’t taken on any water yet. But it sails in icy waters.

Sam is doing a fantastic job working full time and serving as point person for the Rowdy 7. After the first couple of days, he instituted a rotation schedule for the after-school care of Johnny. The older kids take turns containing and directing Johnny’s recreational affairs.

He’s a character. While making a sandwich the other day, Johnny announced, “I am a vegetarian.” He then said, “Pass the salami.” When Angela clarified the definition of vegetarian, Johnny declared, “Well, then I’m a non-vegetarian.” So that’s been straightened out.

Here’s a video of Johnny from the holidays when he’s pretending to be an opera singer. It gives you some idea of his activity level and general disposition. As well as the need for supervision. The Johnny chart was pure genius.

Last night, we celebrated Greta’s 22nd birthday. I was at the hospital watching the events via Google Hangouts. It was wonderful to be together in the only way we can right now.

The evening included dinner served with a healthy side of silliness. There was a break afterwards as the girls hit the local Jewel for ice cream. It’s probably best not to send them out in a snow storm but I held my tongue. Mostly. I try to remember the Serenity Prayer at times like this.

I made sure to have Greta’s presents wrapped before leaving for the Becky’s surgery. Mom and I watched her open and enjoy each gift. After present opening, it was time for a little entertainment. I remember doing this for the kids when they were little. It still makes them laugh.

Today my grade school kids had a snow day. A traditional snow day. Not the newly-invented, much-despised remote learning snow day. Which is an oxymoron. And should be eradicated alongside Covid-19. It looks like there was more snow at home than at the hospital.

Johnny and Mary Frances spent part of the day trying to divert Josephine from her Zoom classes. By throwing snowballs against her window. I imagine it was effective. Here’s indisputable video evidence that home is not the most conducive educational setting.

Rudy, the ever-needy rescue dog, is still alive but I doubt he received his monthly dose of flea and tick treatment. However, he is following Covid masking guidelines.

Apparently he has developed a new sound. Caught on video for the first time, I’m not sure what it means.

Here’s another attempt at communication. There is no video just audio. Which is probably best as I’m slightly embarrassed for him. Rudy’s still trying to figure out how to be a real dog.

I miss my family but they are troopers. We are profoundly grateful for all of the meals and support at home. We are surrounded by a wonderful community. Everyone wants Becky home as soon as possible. She has a long way to full recovery but is making steady progress.

With the first and second mate jumping ship to return to college, let’s hope the skipper can stay the course.

5 thoughts on “Back at the Ranch

  1. Sounds like they’re all hanging in there & the distraction was healthy for you too! I was just saying to someone that I bet the girls being home for so long has been a Godsend & I believe Sam will miss them & their help the most in the near future! Praying things settle down a bit for you after all the challenges Becky has faced! Hang in there!

    This was in today’s daily Catholic email I get & I sent it to my brother who was in court yesterday for divorce proceedings. I think you know this already but sometimes a little reminder never hurts. Take good care! ❤️

    “Therefore, whoever thinks he is standing secure should take care not to fall. No trial has come to you but what is human. God is faithful and will not let you be tried beyond your strength; but with the trial he will also provide a way out, so that you may be able to bear it.”
    1 Corinthians 10:12-13


  2. 😉❤️😂 Love those kids, and so proud of how, together with their Dad, they are all helping each other through this time, so you can give Becky all the time and attention she needs. Go Team Rauch!

    I’m just not sure who should get the recording contract: Johnny, or Rudy?


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