The Floor

People talk about “moving up” in the world. For Becky, “moving down” is the more appropriate goal.

Destination: “The Floor”, which is PCICU lingo for the regular pediatric floor in the children’s hospital.

Directions: Down a couple long hallways. A few turns. A short elevator ride.

Mode of travel: Little red wagon, of course.

Yesterday morning dawned with a beautiful sunrise. Blue skies and golden sunshine peeked behind light-strewn clouds. Mom and I stopped to admire God’s handiwork.

Up in the PCICU things began moving quickly. Becky finished her last inhaled medication and no longer met the criteria for intensive care. It was time to pack up and move on. The cardiology team came into the PCICU to transfer Becky to their service on The Floor. And then a nurse came in to transfer Becky to her new room.

At first she wasn’t too happy in her little red wagon.

But as we began moving, she saw the glowing fluorescent lights above and was intrigued.

As we passed Charlotte’s room, Tim (Charlotte’s Dad) came out to wish us farewell. A little further down the hall, we saw Maggie (Charlotte’s Mom). A brief visit but Maggie was finally able to meet Becky. We snapped a photo to remember the moment.

It was deeply moving that Tim and Maggie shared in our joy and felt our excitement. Charlotte continues her brave battle in the PCICU with her parents cribside, their devotion unshakeable despite setbacks. Their family continues moving forward towards an unseen finish line. And now I will count the days with them until Charlotte makes the same red wagon journey.

Ironically, Maggie had just seen Sterling buckled into a car seat. This was Sterling’s first time to leave the hospital since her birth at the beginning of September. 146 days later, Sterling finally went home.

We arrived on the floor to a bevy of nurses and a flurry of activity. Becky put on quite the show as they took vitals and adjusted her equipment. Her cheeks and that shock of hair continue to be an effective calling card.

It took some time for her to settle into the new environment. But she eventually fell fast asleep.

How blessed we are that normal is now a regular room in the pediatric hospital. But it’s a move down. And that’s a move up. Towards the ultimate move home.

*Sterling’s photos used with permission.

11 thoughts on “The Floor

  1. Good news! God bless this part of the journey. Bless both of those families you have met as well. Love and prayers. Bonnie

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  2. Such wonderful news to be discharged from the PCICU to the Peds floor! Every day is a day closer to going home.:) Prayers continue for Becky, and all the cardiac babies ♥️


  3. Seeing Becky in her red wagon “heading homeward” reminds me of Dorothy’s trip through Oz-it was clicking her “red” shoes that she was on her way. Wonderful news that Becky is “movin on up”. ❤🙏🙏Aunt Cynthia


  4. I am so happy to see that Becky was moved to the floor! That is definitely a move up! She looked so adorable in the little red wagon. I am so happy to see her recovering well. Sending a virtual hug!


  5. This is the best news I’ve heard today!! Congratulations! Becky looks fantastic! Those classic Rauch baby cheeks and her shock of hair as well as that awesome smile really warm my heart. She is one fierce fighter! Hugs to all of you!


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