A Bedtime Story

Today’s post is in the style of Margaret Wise Brown’s Good Night Moon. This classic bedtime story is fitting for this sleepy baby.

But it needed a little modification for her recent hospital stay .

Goodbye PCICU

In the style of “Goodnight Moon

In the great purple PCICU room

There was a cardiac baby 

And a family connected only by Zoom.

There were colorful headbands and tiny hair bows

And a nasal cannula resting inside the nose.

There were IV bags and medication drips

And colorful toys and pacifier dips.

And a tank of nitric oxide and a long chest tube

And black pacing wires and surgical lube.

There were computers with Epic login screens 

And doctors, and nurses, and a cardiac team.

Goodbye purple PCICU room.

Goodbye cardiac baby

And conversations on Zoom.

Goodbye headbands. Goodbye tiny bows.

Goodbye nasal cannula inside the nose.

Goodbye IV bags. Goodbye medication drips

Goodbye colorful toys and pacifier dips

Goodbye nitric oxide.

Goodbye chest tube.

Goodbye pacing wires and surgical lube.

Goodbye Epic login screens.

Goodbye doctors and nurses.

Goodbye PCICU cardiac team.

*We returned home from the hospital this afternoon. Becky and I were gone for almost a month. I will update soon.

16 thoughts on “A Bedtime Story

  1. What a wonderful blessing to have both of you back home again! Continued prayers for all of you and Becky’s healing.


    • OH, how wonderful!!! I’m so happy Becky is well enough to be home. I know her family was waiting with open arms and couldn’t wait to get her in their arms again.

      I LOVE this picture of her adorable face.


  2. Hurray! Hurray! Hurray!
    At home this very day.
    We thank God as we pray,
    Now when can she play?

    Today you can see two wonderful ways
    God acted on the Feast of St. Blaise.


  3. I couldn’t have wished for a happier ending to your story, Becky! So glad for all the miracles of those miracle workers at the PCICU! So glad you are home again, you and your Mom and your beautiful little 4 chamber ♥️! Hugs and kisses and prayers of thanks! 🥰🥰🥰 🙏🙏🙏❤️❤️❤️🎉🎉🎉


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