Beckygram: Repurposed Headwear

Mom made a fantastic discovery which has made life easier.

At least for my nurses.

I’m getting very hands-on these days, putting the various lines and cords in my crib at risk. I especially like to fiddle around with my G-tube. I’d like to pull it out one day and announce, “Well, now, what do we have here. A balloon!”

Often times the nurses will swaddle me. It’s not to keep me warm but to keep me contained. But I can get out of this contraption and I immediately go for the G-tube button.

Well, as Mom gazed down at the presenting problem, she had a moment of inspiration. She took my green head band, shimmied it down my generous belly, and parked it over my G-tube button.

It is now protected from my grubby little hands. And it’s not a bad style statement either.


2 thoughts on “Beckygram: Repurposed Headwear

  1. Please tell me that this is not a precursor to pole dancingšŸ™ˆ love, Aunt Cynthia (ps-hi Karenā˜˜)


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