A Good Beginning

Becky was taken back for her second open heart surgery moments ago.

Greta and I arrived at the hospital early this morning.

Becky slept through the night, somehow finding this position comfortable.

Dr. V arrived and reviewed today’s operation. He told me that he has been thinking of us from Italy all week. Although disappointed that Becky needs a second operation, he is hopeful that the residual VSD can be closed and the tricuspid valve tightened. We know Dr. V and Dr. E will bring their A-game today.

We meet Jillian, our nurse for the day. She will move back and forth between the operating room and our room, bringing us updates as the morning proceeds. Maggie and Tim, baby Charlotte’s parents, loaned us a very special gift for today. Tim’s niece had open heart surgery at this hospital four years ago. Dr. E performed her surgery and the surgical nurse carried this guardian angel medal in her scrubs.

This medal has now been with Charlotte since her birth in November. Normally it rests on Charlotte’s bed. Last night, as I walked through the unit, Maggie came out and pressed it into my hands. I filled with tears as I gave it to Jillian this morning. She promised to keep it on her all day.

We had some time with Becky who was all smiles. Ignorance is bliss.

I met with the anesthesiologist (which is one heck of a word to spell) and then Sue, the head surgical nurse, arrived to finish the consents. Sue fills the room with confidence and gently talked me through all the final details. She also told me to go eat breakfast. I love people who give me permission to eat. While I hope we don’t amass a collection of these, I asked for one more picture with Sue, just like last time. Sue scooped Becky up and kissed her on the forehead.

Sue then gave me a hug and embraced Greta as well. While more emotional than last time, I am profoundly grateful to be in a place the feels like home, surrounded by medical professionals who feel like family.

Becky Bowl 2 has begun.

7 thoughts on “A Good Beginning

  1. You’ve got a lot of prayer warriors out here praying for you. Love you sweet princess. You got this!! Love to the Rauch family – stay strong!


  2. Love the updates. Hope they are helpful to you in some way. I have many people praying this morning for Becky. Godspeed


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