Update #6

We met with Dr. V and discussed Becky’s operation. It’s a lot of information to process and I hope to understand things better in the coming days.

Becky returned from surgery a few hours ago.

Dr. V drew this picture which is an aerial view, looking down on Becky’s heart. The dark, colored-in circle is the VSD, or hole, that needed to be patched. The smaller, open circle above that represents the actual size of the hole. The larger, open circle to the left of that one is the size of the actual patch. This patch was placed over the VSD and is held in place by 14 sutures. Greta summed it up best with her observation of this drawing: we don’t exactly know what everything in the picture means. But it’s all abnormal.

A few other things that Drs. V and E reviewed with us:

  1. One of the leaflets of the tricuspid valve was torn. They were able to pull the leaflet back to fix the tricuspid valve. They were also able to get a better view of the VSD.
  2. There may be some continued regurgitation from the tricuspid valve but this should be minimal to trivial.
  3. Dr. V thinks there is another VSD in the heart. But it is not worth putting her back under to investigate. It will most likely not change in size and will hopefully get smaller.
  4. There was some atrial tissue obstructing the pulmonary veins. This tissue was removed, opening up these vessels.
  5. Since Becky is six weeks older since the last operation, her tissues are tighter. This should help the repair to hold better as the sutures have something stronger to anchor to.
  6. Dr. V hopes that things will be good for a while. He cautioned me that kids with complex AV canals always need close monitoring.
  7. The echo is very reassuring and the surgeons are pleased with today’s result.

Dr. V closed by telling me a story from the OR. One of the nurses mentioned during the surgery that I am nice parent. And Dr. V said of course, that explains everything. Because a return to the OR usually happens to the nice parents. While I appreciate the compliment, I’m tempted to trade in a little niceness for some pizza and a movie at home tonight.

*As with the last surgery, I will err on the side of caution when posting pictures, not wanting to disturb anyone.

15 thoughts on “Update #6

  1. I am amazed by all the wires and monitors, and wheels, and watchamajigs in the photo. They are keeping track of only a fraction of what Becky’s less-than-two-feet-tall body normally handles by itself. Becky is a work of wonder. Thanks be to God!

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  2. So glad for update. Becky is certainly showing her Fighting Irish spirit☘ & Uncle Jon opened the Baileys & we toasted the surgical staff for their success! love, Aunt Cynthia (ps-Greta, so glad you are there😊❤)


  3. Thank you for all of the updates and drawing! What a day for you. Dr. V sounds amazing and Becky is truly a wonder. Prayers for a peaceful and maybe you and Greta could at least get a pizza tonight.


  4. Oh such wonderful news!! Thanks so much for the frequent updates! Becky clearly has the “A Team” working on her. May she continue to recover uneventfully! Will keep storming the heavens with prayer for all of you!


  5. Thank you for the update. It all sounds like a successful surgery. Now on to recouping! I hope you, Kathleen, can rest better tonight. It’s nice to have a positive report from “happy” Doctors. ❤️


  6. I am so glad that the surgery went well.I know this has been a tough day for you. I praying for a smooth recovery for Becky. Sending you a hug.


  7. Nice, wise, and the best of advocates. Thank God for moms and for surgeons. Becky’s just a doll and we can’t wait to meet her.


  8. So glad the surgery went well, such a relief it’s over and hope you and Greta can sleep well tonight! Thanks for all your updates, you’re amazing! May God Bless all of you!


  9. Becky’s little heart may be ‘abnormal’, but I am so happy Dr. V could make all the adjustments it needed become exactly the heart that will help her live and grow and love and laugh. Great day, little Heart Warrior! ❤️


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