Beckygram: Stylin’

I’m sporting a new style these days. Thanks to my Dad.

I’m pretty sure there’s an issue with the order of my outfit.

Dad’s a fantastic guy. I appreciate the help with my diaper. All the necessary items are on board: diaper, onesie, and pants. But I think the onesie is supposed to go over the diaper and under the bunny pants.

It’s not a bad look. In fact, I’m feeling a little Jane Fonda, circa early 1980s. If I throw on a headband, I’ll be ready for a workout.

I heard from Mom that Dad has previously struggled with infant clothing order. Perhaps sequencing isn’t his strong suit. At least Johnny and I are in the same fashion boat.

It’s good to have company.

7 thoughts on “Beckygram: Stylin’

  1. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Ah well, any excuse to see your little face, Becky dearest! At least Dad put the diaper on first, which shows a thorough understanding of function, if not fashion. And consistency, another important value. Apparently he’s been approaching it this was for almost 7 years.❀️


  2. Praying to St. Rafqa today (the 23rd) on her feast day. May her intercession bring about Becky’s
    healing , and blessing on your whole family.


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