Aurora Venom

My last few posts have been on the heavy side. So let’s shift into a lower gear. Because life isn’t all grim.

Let me tell you a fabulous story about 4 college students and a guinea pig with an unusual name.

Once upon a time there were four friends named Liz, Angela, Kate, and Rose. They go to college together and live in the same dorm. Angela lives in a double room with Rose. Liz and Kate share another double room across the hall. But they consider themselves a quad and are constantly in and out of each others’ rooms. They are the best of friends.

Rose, Liz, Angela, Kate

It’s been a hard year for the girls. With lots of Covid restrictions and testing. No return trips home and limited breaks. The workload has increased during their Sophomore year and they are often tired and stressed. Like typical college students. Plus it’s really cold and snowy where they live away from home. Many days they just want a hug and some hot chocolate.

Our story begins with Liz. Liz is a beautiful girl who loves to sing and act and dance. She dreams of being a Disney Princess one day (but will settle for a more serious career in television or theater). Liz likes guinea pigs. Sadly, these small pets don’t live forever. She has already said goodbye to Snickers and, most recently, Gus. When Gus died back in November, Liz was very sad. For this happened while Liz was away at college.

Liz mentioned this to Kate, wishing that she had another guinea pig to ease her loss. But the University with the Golden Dome does not allow these types of pets in residence halls. It seemed unlikely that Liz could have another furry companion until she returns home in May. Angela and Rose keep a pet fish named Ferdinand. And they offered Ferdinand to Liz. But, while he’s pretty to look at, Ferdinand is hard to cozy up to for a snuggle.

But Kate had an idea.

Kate is another beautiful girl who has had lots of medical issues these past two years. Her lungs have collapsed 7 times and she has undergone 2 serious operations back home. She has been in and out of the hospital, often in excruciating pain as she struggles to breathe. Our four friends have been separated many times while Kate deals with her medical situation. But Kate is well enough to be back on campus this year. And Liz, Angela, and Rose are thrilled about that.

Kate decided to surprise her roommates when she returned from the hospital last fall. Let me show you how happy they were when Kate returned to campus unannounced.

And since reunion videos are so wonderful, let’s watch one more.

Anyways Kate knew that Liz was sad about the death of Gus. And Kate wanted to help. She is very clever and creative. She thought she might find a way to parlay her bad medical situation into a happy moment for Liz. On a whim, Kate decided to apply for an exception to the “no pet” policy.

Kate boldly submitted the necessary paperwork to the powers that be. And they agreed, approving Kate for a small companion animal. A guinea pig. Supposedly for Kate. But we all know it was really for Liz.

Now animals are wonderful for such a thing and my story is not to belittle the true need for such animals. For that’s a very real thing and animals do amazing work for their human companions. If you want to see a wonderfully uplifting film about such animals, watch this IMAX movie:

With the arrival of Cavia porcellus, the double became a triple. And all the occupants are happy.

Their small friend is very popular. Not to mention comfortable. She’s been a bright spot in an otherwise difficult semester. Which is exactly the point of a pet. I imagine someone in the Administration thought the same thing when approving the request.

There was only one small problem. Our two friends disagreed about the pet’s name. Liz chose the name “Aurora” but Kate likes the name “Venom”. So our emotional support animal housed in a college dorm that does not allow pets goes by both names.

Aurora Venom.

It’s a happy story. But it’s going to be a great story when this rodent gets loose in a dorm of 266 women. Which is bound to happen at some point. Aurora Venom looks primed for a late night adventure in search of a snack.

And I can’t wait to write all about it.

4 thoughts on “Aurora Venom

  1. What a great, happy story to head into the weekend. Cannot wait to hear of the upcoming adventures of Aurora Venom!!!


  2. Dear Kathleen
    What a great story
    I never used to be a animal loved but now I have. I have my cAt Isabelle and she is good company
    Your story with the girls is great
    They will have these loving memories all their lives
    Still praying for Cholette Tim andMaggie and of course you Becky and your family
    Always hearing about what is going on in your lives
    I love and pray for you
    The little angels also help us each day


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