Junior Recital

My niece Ann will perform her Junior Recital this evening.

The concert will be livestreamed beginning at 7:00pm ET (6:00pm CT).

Ann is a Junior at New York University, majoring in Violin Performance and Psychology. She was supposed to be studying and performing in Prague this semester. Thankfully, she has continued in-person instruction in the Big Apple.

I recently saw her over Easter. It was the first chance for both of my nieces to meet Becky.

Ann is incredibly laid back and easy going. But she wanted two things over Easter. To snuggle with Becky. And some homemade macaroni and cheese.

Holding Becky was free. But I made her earn the macaroni and cheese. By playing for me.

Nothing like boiling pasta and melting cheese during my own private concert.

Here is the program for this evening’s concert. My macaroni and cheese did not make the Acknowledgement section.

This recital is literally a year in the making. I can’t wait to see the result of countless hours of practice.

And her fabulous new outfit.

3 thoughts on “Junior Recital

  1. As sparkly and fabulous as the outfit was — and it truly was… it paled in comparison to the spectacular music. The recital was incredible. And just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, Ann performs a moving work from memory. Stunning.
    Ann – I make a killer Joanna Gaines’ Mac and Cheese. Bring that violin and let’s create together!
    {Aunt Kathleen – thank you for sharing; you can come for Mac and Cheese too : ) And bring Momma Karen}


  2. Lovely talented family you have Kathleen
    Love violin music
    Happy Mother’s Day Kathleen eight times over
    Think of you ,Becky and your whole family daily
    Love Dorothy


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