A Happy Little Video

This is a random post.

Photo by Emily Hopper on Pexels.com

But I came across such a fantastic video that I wanted to share it.

I love Bob Ross.


When I was a child, I remember watching “The Joy of Painting” on PBS. I was pretty certain that I could paint as well as Bob. I just needed an easel, a few brushes, and some tubes of Prussian Blue and Titanium White. He made it look so easy. And his voice was mesmerizing. Not to mention his happy accidents. Trees and rocks and meandering meadow paths. Love it.

Last summer I found this Bob Ross t-shirt. I originally bought it for my Dad. Because Dad also loves Bob. But then Becky came along and I needed some, um, larger clothing. So I gave it to myself and eventually passed it on to Josephine.

Yesterday, I came across a 2019 video from the New York Times about the location of Bob Ross paintings. And it made me happy. So I thought I would share the link.

I made Michael and Josephine watch it with me. They couldn’t quite understand why I found it so amusing. So I showed them a full “Joy of Painting” episode. And they couldn’t help but laugh when Bob painted a rock named Clyde. And then another one named Clyde’s friend. I think they are beginning to understand.

Bob Ross brought joy and a beauty into the world. As well as some deep life philosophy. As he once said, “There is nothing wrong with having a friend as a tree.”

Or a waffle iron in the shape of Bob’s head.

4 thoughts on “A Happy Little Video

  1. Love Bob Ross. It’s a family joke and my cousins and I gift each other some great Bob Ross gifts every year. Magnets, ornaments, and more. Great blog!! Made me laugh


  2. My Son Mark watches him all the time
    Thanks for the memory

    Happy Mother’s Day Kathleen eight timesover
    Love your blogs
    Keep them coming
    Love to all the Rouches


  3. […] I’ve been a mother for 24 years now. There are some things that I do really well. I love reading to my kids. I make delicious homemade rolls and I know some fantastic camp songs. I’m always up for a road trip or a Wheel of Fortune, though recently we’ve been watching The Joy of Painting. […]


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