Tax Day

Happy tax day everyone!

Hopefully this isn’t a surprise. If it is, stop reading and go do your taxes. They are due today.

Sam played the role of family accountant this year and became best friends with our H&R Block tax software. We did our federal and state taxes together last month. Over the last weeks, he’s worked one-on-one with Greta, Angela, Michael, and Josephine to teach them the wonders of the IRS tax code. And the absurdities.

He successfully weathered the verbal bullets from the kids about the onerous process. Angela thoroughly enjoyed filing taxes in two states. Poor thing. She got slammed this year but learned a good life lesson. Which are never fun. Those withholding documents you fill out at your workplace are kind of important.

Johnny struggled this weekend as Sam wasn’t as available for pick-up basketball, Nintendo Switch, or rounds of board games. I told him he should be grateful that he doesn’t have to file federal or state taxes. And he responded with great emotion.

Johnny: “Of course I have to file taxes, Mom!”

Me: “No you don’t, Johnny.”

Johnny: (with growing desperation and volume) “Mom, you forget that I won the Easter Egg Hunt this year. I’ve got $5!”

Me: “Honey, you don’t have to pay taxes on that windfall.”

Well, at least not yet.

5 thoughts on “Tax Day

  1. Becky is sooo cute as is the always adorable Johnny! It’s great to see Becky looking so well.
    And, Texans get until June 15th to get their taxes done. I‘ve got my info organized but have to hire someone this year. Too many extenuating circumstances this year.


    • Oh my goodness! Becky’s hair! It’s lying flat!! And it’s blonde??? I almost didn’t recognize you!!! Hugs and kisses, sweet little lady! And to that handsome brother of yours. Don’t worry, Johnny, The U.S. government will find you soon enough!


  2. It’s a good thing y’all don’t have to pay taxes on “tooth fairy” income-cuspids, inciscors, wisdom- that’s a lot of
    $$$$$$$$$ 😁 love,
    Aunt Cynthia


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