My Scout

Today is Memorial Day. It is also Michael’s 18th birthday. Which he celebrated by jumping out of a plane and sky diving.

So I thought a short post combining two of these three events together would be appropriate. The first two events. I’m pretending the third one didn’t happen.

Michael’s scouting career began in Kindergarten with the Cub Scouts. Eventually, Michael graduated Cub Scouts and joined the Boy Scout troop when he was in 5th grade. His troop is sponsored by our local American Legion. The veterans at this post have a long track record of supporting the Scouts. And that’s how Michael first met Mr. Wolf.

Mr. Wolf is 95 years old. He fought in World War II. Actually, he will tell you that he didn’t fight. He trained for the invasion of Japan and, when that didn’t happen, he was reassigned to guard German POWs. When he finally returned home from his service, there was no one to greet him as there had been a major train accident involving the Twin Cities Zephyr. People were so caught up in the accident, they forgot to collect him at the station.

Several years ago, Mr. Wolf needed someone to mow his lawn. So he contacted the Scout troop at his American Legion Post. Somehow Michael’s name was mentioned. Introductions were made and Michael began mowing Mr. Wolf’s lawn. He’s been doing this since he was in the 6th grade. Mr. Wolf contacts me every summer and leaves me the same message: “Hello Mrs. Rauch. This is Mr. Wolf. I’m still alive. I want Michael to mow my lawn this summer. Give me a call.”

At the end of the summer, I receive the following message: “Hello Mrs. Rauch. This is Mr. Wolf. The grass ain’t growing anymore so I won’t need Michael until next summer. I’ll put a check in the mail with a little extra something for Michael. He’s a good kid.”

I have the messages saved on my phone. They are precious and I can’t bring myself to delete them.

Before Michael had his license, I would drive him over to Mr. Wolf’s house. I would drop him off and hit the local Aldi for groceries. Inevitably my shopping excursion took longer than the lawn mowing. Often when I returned, Michael and Mr. Wolf were sitting in the front yard. Michael drinking a can of root beer. Mr. Wolf drinking a bottle of beer. I would ask Michael what they talked about. He said nothing much. They just sat together. I could tell it meant something to Mr. Wolf.

Back in April, Mr. Wolf attended Michael’s Eagle Scout ceremony. He was proud of Michael’s achievement and even gave a donation towards Michael’s project. He spent time looking at Michael’s display board and the collected paraphernalia from 13 years of Cub and Boy Scouts. After the ceremony, I noticed Mr. Wolf introducing Michael to some people.

As we were cleaning up, Michael came over to me and said, “Mom, Mr. Wolf introduced me to his American Legion friends as, ‘My Scout'”.

Be still my heart.

I told Michael that he was special to Mr. Wolf. That all those afternoons of mowing his lawn meant something to him. It was companionship, a friendship of sorts between the generations. Michael gave me a half-smile, a head nod, and a little grunt. I think he finally understood.

So on this Memorial Day, here’s to all those men and women who gave the “last full measure of devotion” in lands far away and foreign. And here’s to those who remain behind, but continue to strengthen the Union. In small ways. Like hiring a local Boy Scout to mow a lawn. And giving him a root beer and a little extra cash.

And then showing up at his Eagle Court of Honor and claiming him as “My Scout”.

15 thoughts on “My Scout

  1. I love this! I’m in the American Legion and it has brought me so much joy to meet heroes like Mr Wolf. I was able to attend our local Memorial Day Ceremony today and see many of our veterans in person for the first time in two years. What a great idea to have the scouts help like that and form great bonds!


  2. Great way to celebrate Michael’s 18th! Uncle Bob celebrated today by helping a Vet with his lawn–in Texas!


    • His parents taught him well, too.

      God bless Michael (great name, BTW) and the rest of the Rauch family!


  3. Happy birthday Michael! I love the story of your friend Mr. Wolf. What a lasting impression you both have made in each other’s lives. Congratulations too on your Eagle Scout Award. My Grandson is pretty close to earning his.


  4. Michael-when you see Mr. Wof, please tell him that your great Cynthia, who had family in WWll, Korea, Viet Nam and on alert for the Cruban Crisis and Desert Storm, says “Thank you for YOUR service…and Michael..thank you for YOUR service ! ❤☘


  5. Kathleen you and Sam must be very proud of your young man Michael. He sports many ribbons and medals. He looks like he is good friends with his little Sister Becky
    As far as jumping out of plane where did he get the nerve to do that? My hairdresser does that too.
    Beyond my comprehension to do that. Glad he made his 18th birthday
    Love and Grace and Blessings to all the Rouches. Dorothy


  6. I tear up from so many of your posts – this one included.
    Congrats to Michael – and Becky looks so sweet in his arms❤️


  7. Wonderful post and very touching tribute to all those great men and women! Here’s to Michael on his 18th birthday and here’s to seeing another post on his jumping out of plane and skydiving. Looking forward to hearing more.


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