Hidden Talent

We’re in the midst of a season of travel. We’ve enjoyed trips to Michigan, Indiana, and Ohio. Becky is finally meeting extended family and friends. It’s been refreshing and uplifting. I will update on our travels at some point.

During a break at home, we managed to squeeze in a dinner with some good family friends. Although we live only mile apart, we haven’t seen them since last summer. It was a fantastic evening of food and fun. They’re the kind of friends where you pick up right where you left off. And our kids relate just like siblings. In the course of our time together, they made us an offer we couldn’t refuse.

It involved Rudy, the wonder dog.

We often take Rudy with us over to these friends’ home. Rudy gets along with their little dog Luna. They aren’t exactly close but they get each other. At a dog level. They coexist peacefully and know how to give each other space. There’s probably a prophetic lesson there.

Anyways, we were discussing our upcoming trips and Amy asked about our plans for Rudy. They weren’t elaborate. We usually board Rudy at our vet’s office. I often feel shamed by the receptionist. She goes through the menu of add-on options. Like one-on-one cuddle time. Or peanut butter Kong treats. Or an afternoon at the pet spa. I summarily dismiss them all. There’s probably a skull and cross bones next to our name in Rudy’s chart. But it would be a waste of money. Because all that Rudy does is make a circle in the kennel, plop down on his bed, and pout until we return.

Amy offered for Rudy to stay with them. They are the greatest dog owners. Multiple walks per day. Treats. Lots of cuddles. It is pet heaven. So I was thrilled to leave Rudy in their care.

But I wasn’t expecting the elaborate report waiting for us upon our return. Apparently, Rudy is quite the prolific writer. And he recounted his time in great detail.

Rudy truly is a wonder dog.

And he has some pretty fantastic friends.

6 thoughts on “Hidden Talent

  1. Now that’s a very advanced dog. I know they think all of those things but to be able to write them all down is IMPRESSIVE! But, who else would have a dog that talented! 😁


  2. Boy, did you get off easy. Jon & I do overnight trips & take our (diabetic) cat, Abby. We put down the back seat, put in her litter box, water, crunchies, treats & towels. Our few clothes go under the seats & her insulin in a special container…all this for a 2 hour drive! Rudy is one lucky canine. love, Aunt Cynthia🙃☘


  3. Well, It sounds like Rudy has found his Shangri-la! But he has no intention of abandoning ALL of his guilt inducing behaviors!! Bless the Stevens family (especially Luna 🐶!) for treating Rudy to a stay with all the most important menu add ons of love, companionship, lots of walks, and a privileged sleeping place! Pretty soon he’ll be begging you all to leave again…💕💕💕


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