Round 4 – Patient 5411050

I’m sitting in the surgery waiting room. I finally had a chance to eat, wolfing down a salad and some hard boiled eggs. The warm latte is kicking in and I’m beginning to feel more human.

Nurse Kathleen just came through to update another family. She was Becky’s first PCICU nurse and took care of her in the delicate hours after the first open heart procedure. She came over for a quick hug and promised to stop by our room later.

There’s a terrible soap opera playing on the television. I can’t see the screen but it’s impossible to ignore. Apparently Carly wants the chief of staff position fierce and is double crossing her rival. And someone is trying to dump a body.

I’m keeping a close eye on the board. Becky is number 5411050 and I’m tracking her progress through the various stages. It’s like watching the board at the airport. I’m waiting for the landing.

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