Beckygram: A New Friend

I’ve inherited a new toy.

But Mom isn’t quite sure what animal it is.

My friend Grace is a few years ahead of me in terms of physical therapy. Grace’s mom drops off toys from time to time. Which is very kind and has been very helpful. This arrived the other week. It’s pink. It’s squishy. It passed the taste test.

My physical therapist came up with all kinds of new exercises during this morning’s session. I sat on it. Kicked it. And gave it a big wet kiss. But what exactly is it? When I’m unsure of things, I suck on my hand. It helps me to focus and think.

My barnyard vocabulary is limited. The color suggests pig. But it also screams cow. My therapist thought it might be a giraffe. We finally settled on hippo. And we named her Helen.

Helen the Hippo.

We’re going to be great friends.

8 thoughts on “Beckygram: A New Friend

  1. Such sweet pics! (AND Auntie Jane has noticed the tamig of Becky’s hair too!). It sure looks like Helen is loved already! Becky’s going to make a GREAT cowgirl. She just needs boots!


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