Beckygram: A Hectic Week

Things are nuts around here.

Even more so than usual.

Greta returned to Notre Dame last weekend to begin her Campus Ministry internship. Sam and Angela drove her back and the three of them began the great storage unit unloading project.

Michael had the state frisbee golf championship. He took 5th place and came home with some neat stuff. He’s getting ready to go off to college later this week. His roommate sounds nice albeit relieved to find out that Michael is my brother. And not my dad. Pictures can cause confusion.

Mom took Mary Frances to compete at the State Fair.

Josephine has been pulling long hours at work and Rocky made the volleyball team and started practices. She learned the hard way this morning that there’s a difference between the JV schedule and the Freshman schedule. So she enjoyed some extra time on the train and in Union Station. Rookie mistake.

Grandma and Grandpa Rauch extracted Johnny from our chaotic household over the weekend. He’s attending something that Mom calls Camp Sanity. I don’t know what that means but it’s more peaceful without him here. And he’s having way more fun being the center of their universe. Sounds they’re enjoying a week of museums, good food, and science experiments.

This week, Angela and Michael move into their dorms at Notre Dame. And Rocky and Josephine begin high school.

I’m hearing rumors of a shopping trip to a place called Ikea. Sounds like a foreign country. I’m deeply concerned and pretty sure I’m tagging along .

I think it’s best for me to lay low, hold my head up, and watch the show.

6 thoughts on “Beckygram: A Hectic Week

  1. Hey, Becky’didn’t your momma tell you that back-to-school with the rowdy seven was like playing chess & monopoly on a scrabble board…..choas runamock🙃😠😀😝😁 love, Aunt Cynthia😊☘


  2. I’m getting old and I need reading glasses now, but I’m pretty sure that’s a picture of Johnny doing something involving blue dye within several feet of Grandma’s white couch. If she allowed this, I have a couple of questions: Is she alright? Do we need to send someone to check on her? And my kids have a question: does this mean they can they come to her house and make slime? Perhaps get really crazy and wear shoes beyond the entryway?


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