Beckygram: Declaration

Mom got a video of me talking today.

I’m a baby of few words. But my lack of distinguishable vocabulary doesn’t mean I lack communication skills.

When I do communicate, it often sounds like the cooing of a bird. My verbalizations come in short spurts. And are followed by comfort gestures, like sucking on my hands. As well as something my family calls “Disney Princess eyes.”

Did you catch what I said at the beginning of the video? When Mom went back to watch it, her captions were enabled. She has no idea why. Amazingly, Google knows exactly what I’m saying.

I’ve made my declaration.

8 thoughts on “Beckygram: Declaration

  1. The “eyes” have it! Now your Mom needs to make up a song based on the tune “Bette Davis Eyes”-well, Kathleen?
    ❤☘love, Aunt Cynthia


  2. I’m in SERIOUS like with Becky. “Yes, you ARE, sweet girl!!”

    Hope all the Rauches are doing well 💗

    Francesca Schultz


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