Birthday Girl

Today is Becky’s 1st birthday.

As I’ve been thinking about this day, a Chinese proverb comes to mind: “The reward for hard work is more hard work.” I don’t know much about Chinese proverbs. I’ve never read any, save the ones tucked inside Panda Express fortune cookies. Years ago, I came across this one in a devotional and it has stuck with me. Because it’s so true. “The reward for hard work is more hard work.”

That perfectly sums up year #1 with Becky.

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Beckygram: Decisions

I know that I should do my piano practice. At least that’s what I think my sisters would suggest. But I have so many other great options. Let’s review them in a clockwise fashion.

My stacking stars play a lovely tune and light up. My octopus emits a delicious vanilla smell and honks the C scale. My overhead mobile, designed by my sister’s robotics team, has the most fascinating fluorescent yellow ball, which I love to watch spin round and round. Or I could lay down and take a nap.