Beckygram: The Goldilocks Dilemma

Since having ear tubes placed last July, my hearing has improved significantly.

But sometimes when we solve one problem, another rears its ugly head.

My hearing is so good that I often cry at sudden or loud noises. Which seem to surround me in droves here.

So Mom and Dad set out to find the perfect noise cancelling headphones. Like famous babies wear when their Dad’s win Super Bowls.

The first set was too small.

The second set was too big.

Seriously, I look like a squirrel storing nuts for the winter. Truth be told, these are the headphones my siblings use for yardwork. Dad wasn’t really serious about this selection. But we tried them on for size anyways.

And then we found this pair. In a fabulous shade of sunshine yellow.

And it was just right.

They are perfect for my sisters’ volleyball games.

Or Johnny’s basketball games.

Or family Starbucks runs.

So if Goldilocks has any issues with headwear, I can send her the appropriate Amazon link.

3 thoughts on “Beckygram: The Goldilocks Dilemma

  1. Love it, Becky! You are learning a very important skill in life: how to find β€œ the just right” fit. Some day, you will apply it to finding blue jeans and shoes and a swim suit. But above all, we’re just so pleased to know you have such sensitive hearing!! And now for birds singing and violins playing and children laughing and raindrops falling and bells ringing and the rustle of dry leaves in the fall and more!!! So happy you will hear it all! ❀️❀️


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