Beckygram: Field Trip

I had a great Friday night.

It was my first time hanging out in a college dorm.

This past weekend, my family went to Notre Dame for the final home game. Mom had an opportunity to attend the Notre Dame Symphony Orchestra with Greta and Mary Frances. But I wasn’t able to sit still. Or be quiet enough. So Michael and Angela offered to babysit. There was a slight problem with the plan.

Due to Covid policies, non-Notre Dame students are not currently allowed in the dorms. Michael figured there’s enough strange stuff going down on a Friday night in a men’s dorm that a baby in a stroller would just blend in. Mom wasn’t so sure.

Michael is not lacking in the confidence department. And there’s something to be said for walking into a place like you belong there. Which is exactly what he did with me. He swung the diaper bag over his shoulder and confidently pushed me down the hall and into his room. No one thought of stopping us. Some people even waved.

So I spent the several hours hanging out with Michael and Angela. And entertaining a bunch of college boys. Because it is novel to have a baby hanging out on a futon. All while Mom enjoyed Tchaikovsky’s 5th symphony. Mom said the performance was sublime.

Just like my evening in the dorm.

6 thoughts on “Beckygram: Field Trip

  1. Our family was close to Fr. Ted, and I can pretty much assure y’all that had he been aware of Becky’s foray into a dorm, he would have taken a turn with the stroller☘ Becky is certainlly having some amazing adventures😊❤ love, Aunt Cynthia☘


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