Thanksgiving 2021

It’s hard to believe that November is coming to a close.

A quick recap of our Thanksgiving.

The college kids returned last Tuesday so we had a full house once again. The week was full of activities: an epic Goodwill shopping excursion, a volunteer night at the Ronald McDonald House, a painful boxing workout with Michael, family pictures in 24 degree weather, our annual Christmas ornament shopping, and a Notre Dame game watch. Not to mention Thanksgiving dinner.

I have never been so unprepared for Thanksgiving dinner. While I managed to set the menu and shop for all the groceries, I hadn’t prepared a thing until after Thanksgiving Mass. That’s when it’s good to be surrounded by an army of hungry help. We all got to work while the Macy’s Day Parade played in the background. Everyone took turns helping with Becky. Which was the most coveted job of the day.

There was a brief debate about what “breast-side up” meant for the turkey. A Google search commenced, a text was fired off, and I found myself waddling around the kitchen to prove my point. I think we got it right.

People floated in and out of the kitchen, but Angela and Sam did the lion’s share of the work. She was a great assistant until I asked her to sprinkle the fried onions over the green bean casserole. Well, I left that last part out because I thought it was obvious. Until I found her sprinkling the little fried gems over the turkey.

Veronica set the table. I always love using my grandmother’s china.

Michael had the brilliant idea of having Johnny make the place cards. He was thrilled to use paper, scissors, and markers. As a bonus, it kept him occupied and out from underfoot. When we finally sat down to eat, we enjoyed his phonetic spellings.


Angela’s place card had a special message on the inside. Next to a drawing of the Candyland game board. Angela and Johnny started a Candyland tournament in October. Johnny is in the lead 18-4. But Angela admits that she’s been cheating. A lot. And she still can’t beat him. Or figure out his secret.

Johnny also brought home some great Thanksgiving schoolwork.

When we finally sat down to dinner, there was no room for Becky. So we stuck her in the corner. She didn’t seem to mind.

Mary Frances drew a lovely Thanksgiving turkey on our chalkboard. Each person wrote their blessings in a feather. Some were silly, others poignant. Veronica’s are missing due to some sibling mishap that I was too tired to investigate. But Johnny’s might be my favorite.

Because he’s thankful for everything.

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